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Did you know that :

  • 83% of consumers rely on the internet to find local business information?
  • 80% of local searches turn into purchases?
  • 53% expect to see a map and direction?

At UENI, we provide a quick, easy and low-cost solution for small businesses to attract new customers online. There are three major barriers that prevent most European businesses from going online: time, cost and complexity. To overcome these challenges, UENI sends its representatives to small businesses across the continent to collect information about each storefront they visit – including its location, contact information, opening hours, services offered and prices. Where we cannot reach the businesses on foot because they do not have a storefront (e.g. tradesmen, consultants), we connect with professional networks to get these businesses online.

UENI then structures the data it collects and creates a website for each business. Each website is optimised to look clean, load fast and rank high in search engine results. We also verify the businesses we serve on Google and launch their profiles on social media. All of this for £1 per day and flexible monthly contracts. For an additional fee, we can boost the online presence by delivering customer leads to the business every month. All of our packages are built and maintained by UENI professionals, taking the time and hassle away from the business owners who can focus on serving their customers.  

At UENI we have built solutions with sole traders, micro businesses, and small businesses in mind. Our goal is to help them get online and ensure they are visible where most customers look for them.

So far we have created 450,000 websites for small businesses across 12 countries and 70 cities and we are just getting started.


UENI was created in 2014 by husband and wife team, Anh Pham Vu and Christine Telyan, who live in West London. Seeing how e-commerce has revitalised small retail businesses, they wanted to fill the gap for the millions of local services businesses that are still not online. UENI’s mission is to give small service-sector businesses access to the customer base now captured by larger businesses who have the time, knowledge, and resources to attract customers online.

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